UCR Brain Game Center Data Privacy Policy

Your personal data will be held strictly confidential. We request some information at this point to determine eligibility (are you old enough to participate?, are you already in our records with another study?, are in the US and eligible for give-aways?) and also collect information required to fill out the consent form that follows. This information will be deleted if you choose not to consent and will be stored on a secure HIPPA compliant server, separate from your study data, in the case that you do consent. At no point will your name or other identifying information be connected to your study related data files. Collected information will not be sold or given to third parties. However, for those who consent to participate, anonymized study related data will be shared through scientific publications and made available to the scientific community. Again, every effort will be made to protect every participant’s privacy and confidentiality and all procedures and data protections have been approved by the University of California, Riverside Institutional Review Board.